Return to Rugby Roadmap

Return to Rugby Roadmap

Monday 31st May 2021

Time: 5pm - 6pm    Location: IP12 2PP

– Senior Men training to commence Tuesday 30th March… In accordance with Step D1 allowing O2 Touch format, with some limited contact permitted within training
– From Monday 26th April, Step D2 on the new roadmap is essentially where we finished with Southwold – adjusted contact (no scrum/maul)
– Season extended to end of May, and we are hopeful there will be some competitive EC organised fixtures for both the men’s 1’s and 2’s
– All of the above must be in accordance with government and RFU guidelines, plus Health & Safety (including pitch availability and playability considerations)
– With regards to pitch 3 (where we train), we would welcome any volunteers who would be willing to help collect any visible stones appearing. If you can spare any time (29/03 onwards), please bring a bucket and help move any stones to fill the potholes in the car park

– In addition, Colchester Rugby Club are hosting their inaugural 10-a-side Festival on Saturday 17th July 2021 in Memory of Tom Miller (who some of you will know from RHS/Colchester Colts), and for the opening of its new clubhouse and all weather playing facilities

That’s all for now, but hopefully a bright light at the end of this long tunnel. Good time to go get some air in your lungs and hit the ground running

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