A Day of Celebration – Mike Lubbock

We were joined by over 200 people to celebrate the life and achievements of Mike Lubbock.

Some had travelled wide afield including Dubai, Africa and America   Many familiar “old faces” and reunions remade along with stories of the good old days and reflecting on Mike being the driving force behind our club.

Whilst a day for reflecting and remembering – it was ultimately a great Woodbridge Rugby Club and Woodbridge School day with the sun shining at our rugby church, Hatchley Barn.

The game between the Club and School OWs did not disappoint. Tom Stokes pulled together two wonderful squads.  For most of the game it was very close with the lead swapping regularly.

In the end the club pulled away to seal the victory and turn round the score from their first encounter on Tollers Field at Woodbridge School in 1969 with the final score  42-19 to the club.

It was fitting for the occasion to include Simon Bennett taking the ball on for the first half, I got to start the game with the kick off and for both Edward Fletcher and Timmy Johnson to take the ball on for the second half.

It was great to have Chris Leek present and reminisce about that first game that he also played in with both Edward and Timmy.  It was also fitting for our chairman TJ Johnson to captain the school side and for Tom Stokes to captain the club.

Finally, a huge thank you to Claire Brickley for refereeing the match.

Mike would have absolutely loved the occasion.

Adam Lubbock

(Pictures courtesy of Sam Few)

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