Youth Rugby

Woodbridge RUFC youth section is thriving with over 300 youngsters who get a huge amount of fun and enjoyment out of the game of rugby! Rugby is an inclusive sport; anyone and everyone can play, enjoy themselves and find the right level that suits them. Those who attend regularly find their fitness levels improving as well as their skills.

Our aim is to

  1. Provide a safe environment for all children regardless of gender, race, colour, ability or size
  2. Make sure their rugby is fun and enjoyable (that way they want to keep coming back)
  3. Teach them the basic ethos of the game and basic skills

Please come and make yourself at home in the clubhouse where there is a bar and a kitchen serving hot drinks and bacon sandwiches. The notice boards along the corridors will give you a feel for everything going on at the club, Check this website www.woodbridgerugbyclub.co.uk and our busy facebook page for more information and news

WRUFC is run by a dedicated group of unpaid volunteers, if you could become more involved we always welcome extra support, please complete the volunteers slip on the reverse of membership forms, if everyone does a little its easy and fun.

At Woodbridge we provide:

  • At least one coach per age group trained to RFU Rugby Ready or level 1 (minimum)
  • Coaches who are all CRB checked
  • Appropriate equipment for all training.
  • Qualified first aiders
  • A new playing shirt when you have registered for a couple of kitchen duties and membership
  • Club shop offering additional kit items.
  • Kit board to help players buy and sell second hand kit.
  • A calendar of matches and training sessions
    • Sunday mornings from September to end of April for all players (matches or training)
    • Tuesday evening training U17-Colts and Senior Men
    • Wednesday evening training for U13 – U16, Women and Veterans
    • Thursday evening training for U9 – U12
  • Woodbridge Academy for the best players in each squad
  • Referees for matches
  • Clubhouse where the children can relax and get warm after training / matches
  • Hot food and cold drinks free after matches.
  • Food and drink to purchase after training.
  • Insurance from the date of your registration – see below.
  • Presentation day / Annual Awards / Christmas Party
  • Clubhouse bar for parents
  • Social functions for the parents
  • Regular emails and club website to keep you informed

WRUFC Child Protection Policy

Click here for a full copy

The welfare of the child is paramount.  In order to assist the RFU and Woodbridge Rugby Club in upholding this principle you are asked to complete the form below for any issues/concerns or incidents. When completing the form please give full names and their Club roles. Concerns may be about the behaviour of any child or adult involved or spectating at your club and could include:

  • General concerns about a child’s welfare
  • Concerns related to a safeguarding incident eg bullying or poor practice
  • Suspicions or allegations of misconduct
  • Breaches of the RFU Code of Rugby or your club Code of Conduct
  • Allegations of abuse made by or against any young person or adult

If you would like further details of what should be reported please refer to the RFU Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults in Rugby Union Policy and Guidance which can be found on the RFU website www.rfu.com

To discuss a specific concern or issue please contact Chrissie Gordon; your Club Safeguarding Officer, or your Constituent Body Safeguarding Manager in the first instance.

RFU Initial Issue Concern Reporting Form

  • The aim of WRUFC Child Protection Policy is to promote good practise by:-
  • Provide children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of WRUFC
  • Allowing all staff/volunteers to make informed and confident to specific child protection issues.
  • Contact  Hayley Charles if you have any Child Welfare or Protection concerns.

A note regarding insurance

We are occasionally asked about extra insurance for youth members possibly because we have had a couple of injuries which have resulted in members being injured whilst taking exams or even unable to take exams at the correct time. We have contacted the RFU about this and received the following guidance from Marsh insurance, the RFUs insurer: –

“The current coverage provided by the RFU facility is mainly for serious injury/death etc and not for partial/temporary disablement. For Personal Accident coverage for broken limbs etc we tend to advise contacting companies such as SportsCoverDirect (0845 120 6400) www.sportscoverdirect.com or Pinnacle – 08000 350 240. These companies can provide additional cover for individuals and/or groups.”

So there you have it – or rather you don’t unless you arrange it yourself.

What we ask you to do

  • Try us out for 2 weeks. Complete a registration form and once you have decided to join then pay your subs (£11.50 per month). Registration and fees are essential as this covers your RFU insurance and helps the club operate.
  • Tell us about any relevant medical conditions we need to be aware of.
  • Inform us of any issues or concerns you may have – if we don’t know about them we can’t do anything about them
  • Buy a gum shield and make sure your child wears it during training and matches.
  • Make sure your child wears full and correct kit for all matches, WRUFC sky/black shirt, black WRUFC shorts and sky/black WRUFC socks. A voucher for a new shirt is supplied on registration, 2nd hand kit is advertised on the noticeboards.
  • Stay, watch and support the youngsters on a Sunday morning. We are not a babysitting service so please don’t drop your child off and leave unless you have informed one of the coaches in advance.
  • Make sure your child is not being disruptive and spoiling the enjoyment of others
  • Consider how else you might be able to help (admin, coaching, kit sales, transport, first aid).
  • Support the club’s social functions and help where you can.

For more information take a look at our Joining the Youth Section at WRUFC leaflet which will give you a more detailed run through of what you need to know.