New Amazons Coach; Jane Stokes

For those who have not met her yet may I introduce Jane Stokes who is currently coaching the Amazons, including their recent victories. Jane set up Hartlepool Ladies rugby team in 1995 and managed that team until 2000. In that time she was a player, and contributed to the coaching of the squad and the men’s side too. Due to representative honours and the pressure to play higher level Jane left that team in 2000 and started playing for the Morden sharks (who were Thirst sharks at that time).
As she says “I played at that club for 7 years and managed and captained the side. I was also part of the England academy at that time. I then left and played at Leo’s ladies. I have completed my level one coaching. I enjoy coaching and as gutting as it may be if I cannot get back to contact then this may be a way for me to get back into the sport.”

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