Our Amazons

The Amazons team have been working hard this summer both on and off the pitch.

Not have they just been building in strength physically and in fitness-wise, they have also been growing in numbers too.  During the summer evening sessions, we are seeing more ladies and girls getting involved which is great news for the Women’s game and the club in general.

WRUFC are very proud of our Amazons, John and the team have been out there promoting Women’s and Girl’s rugby actively in the local area and at the Suffolk Show too, so they are a great asset to Suffolk Rugby in general.  We hope their efforts now reward them on the pitch as the season is nearly upon us!

We are also very excited to promote their page on our website, which is very much still in development. However, they have had some great photos taken following their recent photo shoot, so if you get a free moment, it would be well worth a quick look.  You’ll also be able to familiarise yourself with the key points of contacts too within the team.

Finally, our Amazons are very proactive on the social media front too, so if you’re not already following them on the likes of Instagram or Facebook, we suggest you look them up now and add them to keep up to date with the latest news.




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