Our Club Needs You!

No rugby club, no matter how amazing they are….can’t function without it’s wonderful and slightly superhuman volunteers.

Woodbridge RUFC is no exception…

We aim BIG, however we also recognise that nothing great is achieved without you! And because we aim HIGH, this requires even more support.

Parents, members, sponsors, partners, fans, get involved, we call upon you now! Our skill sets are not just limited to “rugby”, we have some extraordinary talent at our club off the field too and we need you!!

Coming soon, we will be hosting an evening/weekend focusing on our wonderful volunteers to celebrate and promote the good work they provide to our club, we would welcome you along to this event to see if there is something you could also support us with.

Keep an eye on our website over the coming weeks and our social media for more info!

(Image Credit: Neilson)



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