Past Players Luncheon: A Grand Slam of Rugby Nostalgia!

Well, what a blast Saturday was!!  The day unfolded like a well-executed play, blending the thrill of a double-header with the nostalgic charm of a past players luncheon.  It was a stroke of genius (thank you JB) and is likely to become an annual fixture, setting a new standard for rugby revelry.

The gathering saw a remarkable assembly of past Warriors and Amazons, forming a living tapestry of the club’s history from its very inception.  We had players from the inaugural match of ’69 through to current Vet players.

As the laughter echoed through the hallowed walls of Hatchley Barn, it was clear that this was more than just a luncheon; it was a celebration of the years of rugby camaraderie that had woven the club’s vibrant fabric.  We cannot thank enough, the past players who went on to finance and build, nearly 55 years to the day, the club that we know and love, providing us with a community club that future generations can enjoy!

No rugby reunion is complete without a “who’s who” game, and this one was no exception. A delightful trip down memory lane unfolded through a collection of amazing old pictures, each telling a story that added depth and colour to the collective memories.  The anecdotes flowed as freely as the beer, with shared experiences that defined the soul of the club.

A poignant moment arrived with a fitting tribute to those who are no longer with us.  The Team Captains led heartfelt toasts, raising a glass to honour the legacy of departed. It was a touching acknowledgment that underscored the bonds forged on and off the field.

Heartfelt thanks are due to all who came along, and also contributing generously to the raffle. The bar, in particular, felt the full force of the rugby revelry, nearly being drunk dry. The Amazons, post-match on Sunday, found themselves without their customary end-of-game beer, a testament to the vibrant spirit that swept through the afternoon. No Dry January was in sight, and it’s duly noted for next year – a reminder that this club knows how to celebrate in style!

Turning to match day, it was a showcase of two great games, bravely played under somewhat chilly conditions.  Woodbridge emerged as a standout, managing to defy the weather odds when numerous other clubs had to cancel their matches across the region.  A testament to the dedication and resilience of all Warriors and the Amazons who graced the field on Saturday and Sunday.

The whole day was a celebration that left everyone with a warm glow, reminding us that rugby, camaraderie, and a well-timed past player’s luncheon create a winning combination that transcends time and weather conditions.  Here’s to more fantastic gatherings and thrilling games in the seasons to come!

For photos of the event, please go to Sam Few’s Facebook page by clicking here

Joanna Williams – Events Manager.

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