Saxons 46 v Aldeburgh & Thpns 12

Match report thanks to Chris North 7/10/17

Alderburgh and thorpness turned up to a very cloudy looking Woodbridge, could this be a sign of the storm about to happen?

A very different looking front row, consisting of Ernie pallet, Jack Jermyn ッand Anthony Gibson with Steve h on the bench, tons of experience!

Woodbridge take the start kick and Alderburgh and thorpness bring a strong return using their big lads to smash the ball up the park. Woodbridge recover the ball, a Ben Herbert run gets Woodbridge deep into their half. The ball gets loose in a tackle and Alderburgh and thorpness come back at Woodbridge who give away a penalty. They kick up to just past half way. Woodbridge win the ball back and Ollie Bennett sprints through and scores his 4th try in three games. Jack Cranage converts. 7-0 to the good. Woodbridge go again and Reece monk goes over, jack converts 14-0. 15 mins in and a very hungover jack Scott Douglas goes over and jack converts 21-0.

Alderburgh and thorpness rally and use their forwards and smash through and score and convert. 29mins and Reece monk burns many players to go over, conversion missed 26-7. Alderburgh and thorpness fire again and go over. A beautiful restart kick and take by Ollie sees Woodbridge go over again.

Half time score 31-12

Ball knocked on at the restart sees Woodbridge destroy Alderburgh and thorpness in the scrum, penalty to Woodbridge. Alderburgh and thorpness fight back and push Woodbridge off the ball this time, pressure from Woodbridge makes Alderburgh and thorpness knock on. Josh Mr-Morphine Sugrue picks up from the back of the scrum and sprints down the right hand side, chased by James and Ben h, josh fights through three players, off loads to James who draws the player who passes to Ben h who scores, conversion missed. 36-12. Woodbridge set up camp in Alderburgh and thorpness 22 and they give away a penalty. Woodbridge win the scrum, the ball goes through the hands of John Yorke to Reece monk who takes a big hit but that ball still gets offloaded to Jez Hannon who juggles it and collects three players on the way to the floor. Alex then passes to Ben h who goes over.

Jez, Ollie and jack all come off, each one putting in a steady shift.

Beautiful work from the old boys, sees Steve h offload to Ernie who takes the contact but still offloads to john y who steps the player had passes to Richard Lloyd who chucks it to Richard Hazelton who goes over. Alderburgh and thorpness look deflated and it’s not long till the handbags come out and it stops play. Scrum to Alderburgh and thorpness and they try the outside but are met by Ben h who puts the player into touch. Times ticking down and a big hit from diddy on Damo gets a massive cheer from the crowd. Alderburgh and thorpness apply pressure but Woodbridges defence holds. Handbags again as Damo stars throwing punches in a ruck and josh has enough, both see yellow.

Quick work from Woodbridge sees jack sprint up the pitch and offloads to Ben h who gets caught. Penalty to Alderburgh and thorpness, they look like they have given up and boot it straight out and with that the final whistle.

Final score 46-12.

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