The Waterson Willow

As you know, Dick Waterson is the Exiles’ life-long president and at each Exile gathering, they have a toast in his memory as everything they stand for is modeled after the legend that is Dick Waterson.

It has been a long ambition of the Exiles to plant a ‘Waterson Willow’ on the Woodbridge ground so that we can always remember a true stalwart of Woodbridge RUFC. Well the time has come. They’ve now been given Dick’s ashes by his lovely wife to plant with the willow and, to commemorate the planting, they are going to hold a memorial game against the newly formed Aldeburgh and Thorpeness RFC. It will be a great occasion, held in good spirits and in memory of a truly great man.

The game is on the 28th at Woodbridge Rugby Club, with the planting ceremony to take place at 1300hrs, followed by a 1330hrs KO.

If any of the old guard is interested in playing for the Exiles, please contact Peter Pallett, at pempallett@gmail.com with your name and preferred (rugby) position.

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