U15s v West Norfolk (17-7) and Wisbech (18-0)

W Norfolk 17 v Woodbridge U15 7
Wisbech 18 v Woodbridge U15 0
Match report from James Evans-Lombe 12/3/17

Basically, we had a long drive to King’s Lynn to meet West Norfolk and Wisbech in the Eastern Counties Shield. We also had a handfull of boys not playing for a variety of reasons. But we did manage to rustle up a team of 17, and what a bunch of boys. Given we had to pay two back-to-back matches, we chose to play the first 2 matches (so we could get home in sunlight!).

First up was West Norfolk. This time last year, when we played them in the same Eastern Counties challenge, home advantage helped and we beat them. This time around, home advantage seems to have helped WN. We played really well, but our attaching line was a bit too deep, so we never really made the gain line, and our kicking to touch just gave the ball to the opposition.  Having said that, the ball went from one end of the pitch to the other several times, and the score of 17-7 doesn’t really show how much we fought all the way. Just two missed tackles were all that counted.

Next up was Wisbech. We had just played and they were fresh. Again, it was a match that went from one end of the pitch to another. Sadly for us, Wisbech were able to finish their attacks and we just didn’t have the oomph to press ours home. I think the final score was 18-0 to Wisbech, but given we were only cms away from the Wisbech try-line at ½ time, it could all have been different….

I also have to say that the ref was very fair and very explicit – from the start he said he wanted a game with minimal stoppages and he was extremely consistent. Full marks to him.

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