Warriors 20 v Ipswich YM 7

UntitledThe match between these two local rivals started energetically in bright September sunshine with Woodbridge winning a few penalties only to be pushed off the ball by a heavier Ipswich YM pack. The visitors made some headway but penalty kicks met a Warrior line-out that was functioning well, Bobby Armour back in the team and Dan Bond jumping well. Woodbridge defended on the halfway forcing most of the play into the YM half. A line-out on the YM 10m got the ball quickly to JP Hart who bounded through one tackle then offloaded in the second to Capt Tom Stokes who scored on ten minutes.

A rare penalty restart gave Woodbridge another line-out in the YM danger area but hands in the ruck allowed Ipswich YM an escape only for the push to be thwarted by winger Jamie Everson knocking on. It was Hart who was next with the local Derby nerves, frustrating a Warriors sortie deep in the YM 22 as both sides tried hard against their old foes. Woodbridge kept the territorial advantage, repeatedly using Hart to pressurise the Ipswich line-out which triggered a high tackle for Jamie Smith to add three points.

Ipswich staged a resurgence to chase the restart and burst into the Warrior 22 only for their scrum to be penalized and Dan Taylor to put in a frenzied charge and steal 20 metres back. Woodbridge sustained the strike until Taff Lloyd knocked on as tensions caused the ref to penalise both sides for boisterous chat. An interception by Ipswich’s centre Ryan Wood threatened the home try line with Capt Quinton working hard to retain possession for another wave as they switched to the blind side and gained a penalty. The Warriors were penalised twice in defence each time re-loading until Hart put in a try-saving tackle and gained the clearance. Woodbridge assaulted the Ipswich YM 22 again until YM conceded another high tackle from which Smith gratefully took three more points.

Play in the second half remained largely in the YM half with the visitors putting in a good opening maul but the Warriors flankers, Nick Woodley and Bond pinched possession to allow Hart to pepper the touchline and prevent any serious territory gain. The visitors, down to fourteen for yet another high tackle, defended well against the Woodbridge charging bulls, Simon Codd, Armour and Taylor as well as new centre; Josh Thomas who made a very good showing. Deep into the half Hart punched a long one for wing Simon Ward and the forwards drew in defenders from the ensuing line-out which yielded quick ball to Jamie Smith who scored through some tired tackles.

The last ten minutes saw Ipswich come alive, chasing down kicks, marauding wingers Lloyd and Ward before closing down the home runners to better effect than before. Lock Ben Hockley was a spirited leader, charging at every opportunity and galvanising his pack to hold the ball and exploit loose play with fellow lock Keiran Rudland. A strong 15m maul and penalty put YM in a position to pounce which Ben Hockley did from a 5m line-out making it look very easy. YM mounted another offensive immediately but the clock was against them and Woodbridge took the 20-7 victory.

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