Warriors 5 v Ely 55

Warriors… We were depleted today and some solid blokes stood up again and took the challenge.


Carl Pick who has just come back from knee surgery and unfortunately tweaked it today. Hope it’s ok mate!

Also, our veteran warrior Ross Sindell stood up and was our only bench player replacing Carl early on. Ross (a spritely 46 year old) stepped up and did a great job until he broke his leg! Sadly, we couldn’t move him for over an hour until an ambulance came to take him to addenbrookes where he is now awaiting surgery. If you get a moment to text him 07854 931011your best wishes and thanks I am sure it would be appreciated.

We played an entire half with 14, no subs, some fantastic support, a muddy field that was uphill the whole half… But, held our heads up, can honestly say your team name was earned again today!!!!

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