Wheeled Warriors win 5 of 9 with Destroyers

The Dorset Destroyers and Woodbridge Wheeled Warriors at Super Series 3.

They played under the banner of The Dorset Destroyers and were in Division 3.

They won 5 of their 9 matches and ended up 2nd in Division 3.

Considering that the 2 teams had only ever trained once together for 3 hours just before Super Series 1, and then only met at each Super Series, it was hard work, but the team got stronger and more unified each Super Series.

With Phil Porter, Ashley and

— with Grace McGowan, Charlie Williams, Sonja Manning, Alex Krol, Matty Moore, Joy Elias, Sue Coombs, Martin Saych, Lindsey Jolliffe, Nikki Koster, Becky Hill,Craig Rowland and George Ransome at Rivermead Leisure Centre.

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  1. BernadettB Turnere Turner says:

    great times. i learned lots and had fun with them

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