Club Chaplain – Rev Canon Kevan McCormack

A casual conversation with Tim Johnson led to the idea that the club might benefit from appointing an honorary chaplain.  In my retirement from full time ministry in Woodbridge I am thrilled to respond.

The world of sport has become increasingly aware that the overall wellbeing of every person engaged in sport needs to consider more than just physical wellbeing.  Mental health issues, suffered by some famous names in sport, have made us all realise that every aspect of a person’s welfare and being needs to be properly addressed through appropriate channels of care.

Recognising that we all have a spiritual dimension in our makeup means that, as far as possible we need, as a club, to make sure we can support that dimension in our care for players, their families, supporters and staff.

My own feeling is that spiritual awareness should cut through religious institutions, and even faith choices, so everyone is encouraged to be themselves through their sport.  With other care givers in the club, a chaplain must be around for everyone; must offer, without judgement, a channel of support regardless of life choice or life style, so that the universal recognition of value in pastoral care is deeply supported in our local club.

I hope I can contribute to the all-embracing care the club works to provide.


Rev Canon Kevan S. McCormack

Club Chaplain.

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