Woodbridge U6 & U7s Warriors train at Leicester Tigers

Last Saturday Coach Luke Barry and the 2 under 7s coach’s Chris Nottingham and Russ Mason took the Warriors under 7s and under 6s to Leicester Tigers for a Match day Coaching Clinic, where they had an hour and a half training session, met several of the players and watched the game afterwards against the London Wasps.  The U6s all had a fantastic day and trained their little hearts out in the pouring rain in their Woodbridge kit.

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  1. Mark Bignell says:

    Good day all

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    I am writing to you today to showcase our range of boots for beginners in sport, those in sizes under 10 which aren’t available in shops.

    The M1B euro training boot has been designed not only to help coaches get their message across but to also allow self learning.
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    The sole of our boots have a multi studded arrangement allowing a good steady platform on any outdoor sport area.

    After sitting my FA level 1 coaching badge on the road to my dream, job in sport. I found like the world we live in that more could be done to help children master their sport then running around cones. The course had me setting up cones but not once did we work on contact with the ball. We all can run around cones but the hardest thing is foot to ball contact. The excitement of decent pass or shot overwhelms any run for an individual. But then comes the challenge of teaching a big group and how to get your message across.
    I saw the opportunity to grasp and that opportunity was in boots, so much can be achieved with the right pair.
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    • Simon Ballard says:

      Okay Mark. I’ve looked at your page and will stick it on the Club’s fb page (1,319 follows) as we have 330 junior members all playing rugby. We are a rugby club and as keen to support rugby as football clubs are football. Your site, while deliberately not mentioning football, seems to have a slant in that direction although at these ages it probably doesn’t matter. However I’ll let our parents decide. All the best Simon Ballard

    • Simon Ballard says:

      Okay I tried but comments from one young parent included……..
      “Hmmmm…. Definitely been made in China, will certainly break ankles when the felt gets wet and full with mud. The studs are not in proportion to the size of the boots nor will you be able to clean the mud out of the hollow centres and the overall design looks pretty poor. Has the person that made these even played a sport on grass? Or any sport at all? Have they even looked at how and why boots are made the way they are? Theres probably a reason they are not sold in shops and definitely best to avoid… Sorry to be the first to comment and sorry to be negative but these look s**t”!
      “With my boys, I only buy branded boots. I don’t do this because I want them to look good. I do it because I know that these big companies put a lot of financial resources into designing Fit for Purpose boots. They research everything to make sure the boots they sell are safe. This means making them with correct materials and in the right way to support each and every movement required of them. Having the right boots and the right support is so crucial, especially at a young age with bones and muscles rapidly developing.
      Again, sorry to be negative but these seem dangerous to me”.
      And regarding the lack of U10s alternatives “Yes loads. All over the internet, or if you want to be old skool and go shopping, there is sports direct or coes in Ipswich. Never had an issue getting boots”.
      So I took it down.

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