Calling All Volunteers

You may have noticed over recent weeks that our club is on the lookout for even more volunteers to help out. 

It’s certainly recognised that we rely so much on the good will of our amazing volunteers however, the Commitee are very mindful that this can sometimes be very demanding despite the phenomenal commitment of some key individuals.  We can achieve so much more as a club given more volunteers, which in turn will spread the supporter base and help grow those that do support us with skills in return. 

Woodbridge Rugby Club are very proud to have the support of the community and of those who are friends or family of players, including Junior players too.  Our Coaching Team are highly dedicated, our First Aiders are willing to support those that need medical support without any hesitation and the Team Managers at all levels or age groups make things happen week in and week out.  Without their brilliant organisational skills, we would literally be herding cats at times.    

Our appreciation goes beyond those who are directly supporting our players base though.    The team who helps run the bar, those that work in the kitchen or cover the BBQ at festivals, parents that look after parking at Junior festivals and those that help host events such as our VP lunches are fantastic individuals.  Our recognitions extend to our ground or maintenance staff and I might even add that even the Committe (who are also volunteers) are stacked with operational demands or tasks to keep our club running.  

It’s fair to say that no one person is greater than the other and without our massive team of volunteers we simply wouldn’t be here today.  Which brings us back to the original reason for writing this post…we are grateful for the support, we are doing more to recognise our volunteers and it’s also recognised that we can always do more, but even this requires support too. 

We’re asking anyone who has time and you don’t have to have any affiliation to rugby at all, we’re looking for those special individuals who can give something back to our amazing club. If you match that profile, then get in contact with Sally at clubops@woodbridgerugby.net 

We have volunteer roles in the following areas and this continues to grow each season. 

  • Bar Staff/Event Staff
  • Grounds/Maintenace Staff
  • Fundraising
  • Coaches/Managers
  • First Aiders
  • Sub-Committee Members
  • Website Maintenace

We are planning to host dedicated volunteer recruitment days, where you can meet current volunteers from key areas. Furthermore, dedicated days to maintenance of our grounds and building will also be available, so if you have skills in these areas, please get in contact as your support would be gratefully received and recognised in return. 


Commercial Committee 




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